The Hosts

photo-4 Stephen Hamilton, Station Director and Co-Host of Hammered RadioSteve Hamilton, known to most as “Hammy” is a passionate social conservative and self proclaimed “neo-con”. A former naval aviator, Hammy is a great patriot and powerful conservative voice in new media. He’s also the technical brains behind Hammered Radio and the producer of all current AltCon Radio shows. Hammy’s been active in new media and radio for a number of years and has built an impressive network of likeminded conservatives. He’s a hard hitting commentator who has a love affair with facts and logic with the charm of a Southern gentleman. In addition to his work with AltCon and conservative activism, Hammy is an amateur astronomer. You can see his incredible astrophotography online at Hamilton Astronomy.Hear him every Friday night at 10 Eastern on Hammered Radio. Follow him on twitter at @e2pilot.
537905_215739018569732_1417364964_n Laura Leigh, Host of the Down and Dirty Sports ShowLaura Leigh serves as the “rover” for AltCon Radio. She hosts “Down and Dirty Sports” on Saturday nights but you can also hear her occasionally on “The Red Whine With Jodi and Di.” Laura Leigh is a proud Texan, proud wife and mom, and devoted consumer of coffee!Hear her Saturday Nights night at 10 Eastern on The Down and Dirty Sports Show. Follow her on twitter at @LLMajer.
537905_215739018569732_1417364964_n Diane Beijer, Co-Host of The red Whine ShowDiane Beijer  <type some stuff>Hear her every Wednesday night at 9 Eastern on The red Whine Show. Follow her on twitter at @dmb1031 and @TheRedWhine.
Jodi Erickson Jodi Erickson, Co-Host of The red Whine ShowJodi got involved in politics after witnessing  the outcomes of HMO policies. She worked as a hospital and home health nurse until taking a job working as the head RN in a  family practice clinic at the beginning of the HMO push. Health coverage over care pushed her to become involved once Obamacare passed. Giving people a voice on the air is a duty and a pleasure in this media managed country. #1A #2A #HumantraffickingHear her every Wednesday night at 9 Eastern on The red Whine Show. Follow her on twitter at @APLMom and @TheRedWhine.
Jodi Erickson Jimi Pirtle, Host of TruthSeek Jimi …

Hear her every Sunday morning at 11 Eastern on TruthSeek.

Follow him on twitter at @Jimi971