Gun-FlagSo often I see conservatives arguing about the abject failure of gun control, citing cities like Chicago, DC, and so many others with very strict gun control and high incidents of gun violence. And then leftists inevitably respond that this is because gun control laws are not universal; if they were, of course there would magically be no more violence. This is a useless and never ending cycle of increasingly boring debate.


Here’s the thing, and it’s a frustration I have with the Right in most policy debates. We have to stop projecting our integrity onto our opponents. This is an almost impossible concept for conservatives to grasp and yet it is of vital importance. The simple fact is, gun control is working brilliantly for the Left because it’s accomplishing the opposite of its stated objective. The Left wants their gun control half measures to fail.


It isn’t news to the Left that their love affair with gun control is oppressive, anti-freedom, anti-constitutional, and ineffective. That’s how they designed it. Tyranny always happens by a slow fade and it always begins with creating an easily controlled, vulnerable populace. The reason the Left ghoulishly celebrates mass shootings like Columbine, Newtown, Navy Yard, and so many others is because they see their plan working. They know that a public justifiably heartbroken over horrific events such as these can be more easily manipulated in accepting their agenda because people want to do something. Leftists are counting on people not analyzing too carefully what that “something” is, and the fact is many don’t.


It is in this way the Left intends to accomplish their true objective, a complete nationwide gun ban that will not only render citizens completely vulnerable but also entirely reliant upon an ever growing centralized government. This is a goal they will never admit to, yet we see clearly it’s what they’re working toward not just with gun control, but with Obamacare, the public school system, ever increasing regulations on small business, and the like.


The Left has mastered the art of selling symbolism over substance that hides an evil agenda. They have mastered the art of manipulating emotions, substituting feelings for reality, and convincing an alarming number of people to act and vote against their own self interest.


The “it’s my right as an American according to the Second Amendment” argument is factually sound yet woefully ineffective at appealing to anyone other than conservatives. In times such as these where we’re literally watching our rights slip away from us, where we’re raising our children in a vastly different America from the one we grew up in, the time for preaching to the choir is over. The way to win this argument is to meet people where they’re at. We must beat the Left at their own game of appealing to people’s emotions.


When leftists pretend they want gun control to “protect the children”, we must counter with the fact that they are advocating the complete inability of children to be protected from madmen. We must ask them, “why do you want children to die?” When leftists pretend to be the “party of women” we must ask them why they want women to be defenseless, why they feel a woman raped and then strangled with her own pantyhose is morally superior to one standing over her would be attacker with a smoking pistol in her hand. We must ask them why they’re “anti-choice” when it comes to a woman’s right to defend her own body. We must ask these emasculated leftist “men” what trauma they suffered as children to make them wet their pants over a tool made of iron and wood.


Leftists aren’t that smart. It is so simple to beat them at their own game if we finally start fighting fire with fire.