Cyber Bully Tries to Take Down AltCon ;)

Ok, you are all laughing because who could take down any of Altcon’s radio hosts, right? I mean, we are all locked and loaded and we’re all tough as nails. I didn’t survive cancer only to let some Looney Toon get me frazzled. But, what is truly up with radical progressives who think they have the right to free speech, but everyone else needs to just shut up and get in line?


Recently one of our hosts was attacked by Kathy Scott of Great Scott Communications.  Scott is in PR communications and blogs from several low follower sites.  She has a Twitter account called 1000girlfriends.


Jodi made the mistake of commenting on a tweet Scott posted regarding a convicted former South Dakota state candidate. There were several back and forth tweets. Erickson debated the candidate was not a target of gender bias. Well, obviously no one else can have an opinion of anything because shortly after Scott was trolling Erickson from a sock regarding a scarf Erickson wore when she met Fiorina. Scott’s poor understanding of the law was that flag clothing was disrespectful to Vets. You can imagine this triggered many followers to correct Ms. Scott, and the trolling escalated quickly. Soon there were multiple socks attacking Jodi, as well as libelous blog posts. All were bizarre examples of confused writing. Seems odd she says she supports this convicted felon, yet continues to put negative comments out in public. No one else publicly wrote disparaging comments about this SD former candidate in public. Her blog is filled with comments about this former candidate. With PR friends like that, who needs enemies?


Well, when you actually have 1000 girlfriends, they have your back. Scott seemed to be very unfamiliar with support, as she was so furious she was soon shouting she would sue Hammy, then Altcon Radio, then she tried to get Laura Leigh fired and she Doxxed Diane. She went after K98 and their hosts. She went after our guest. It seems odd to me that a sane person in PR communications would be trolling South Carolina State Rep for Carly Fiorina.


See, what Scott doesnt get is what we have seen. We have lived through our former talk show hosts cyber bullies. We have seen Stacey Lennox, Sam Janney and Holly Fisher have their children’s photos posted by evil obsessive trolls. We have lived through d0xes, exposing our home addresses to trolls with hate in their hearts.


We have 1000 (plus) friends because we have become a tight knit family who has each other’s backs. If you really are not a friend, and don’t have any friends…. well, that may seem like ganging up. We call it protecting and defending our own.


So you can hate all you want. You can let us live rent free in that empty noggin from now until Christ comes, but let me just fill you in on something. We will push back. We will support and protect our friends and we will expose your desperate absurdity for what it is…..


A cry for attention.


And when you realize what great people we are, maybe you will have wished that instead of letting your hate and anger take over and viciously attacking, you will see that the only one looking hateful or pathetic is the lonely blogger hurling threats. #Muppets

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